Lunazul: there are three wooden Canadian style houses, located on the top of a hill, overlooking a beautiful valley, through which the Mediterranean. Sea can be seen in the background, the three are perfect for family holidays, with children or friends.

White Wings, Eagle’s Nest and White Owl, have a swimming pool with beautiful views of the mountains and the sea, inspiring peace and tranquility

Surrounded by orange fields and mountains, located 1 km from the village, 7 km from the beach, 1 km from the golf course, and 45 Km of Valencia,   perfect for a good bike ride or walk, you will love it !!!

In Lunazul you can enjoy your holidays with good vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotic meals. All dishes are homemade, including a homemade biological beer of old tradition.




Unforgettable experience

Lunazul, is a special place, full of positive energy and a perfect spot for nature lovers.

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